Integrals Power R&D Tax Credits


Company Sector: Battery, Material
Funding Secured: ~£67k

Project Description
Integrals Power is a next-generation battery technology company committed to accelerated research, development, and commercialisation of advanced battery. The company has conducted comprehensive market verification & validation to form their strategy for the development of commercially feasible state-of-the-art battery active materials. Integrals Power has developed a LFP cathode material made of 2D Carbon which has proven effective in reaching 98% of the theoretical capacity (over 168mAh/g) of LFP battery at the rate of 0.1C, and the increase of the energy density of LFP battery cells to 190-200Wh/Kg range, offering fast charge and discharge at 50-60 C rate. The company however wants to increase these parameters and energy density (200-210 Wh/Kg) by composting carbon cathode material with manganese (LFMP) for which the funding was required. This Nano-sized high performance LFP carbon composite has been created through an in-situ hydrothermal synthesis process, delivering an active cathode material for Lithium-Ion batteries.

The Output
Upon seeking advice from Inogrant, R&D Tax Credits were highlighted as the best route to successfully secure funding. The funding secured will enable Integrals Power to increase the battery energy density in cathode material and expand on important features to build a prototype battery cell (Coin cell) to test their developed cathode material as a Next-Generation LFP battery cell.

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