Integrals Power


Company Sector: Energy Catalyst round 8: Clean Energy
Project Duration: 24 months
Funding Secured: ~£1.1 million

Project Summary
Mozambique(Project's focus) and other SSA countries are in strong need for innovation that can address the energy trilemma, as the main unresolved problem is still the energy poverty for business, households, schools and hospitals. Successful deployment of off-grid solutions that don't rely on the national grid(unreliable and limited) is one of the main identified solutions to overcome this problem. Having said that, off-grid solutions are highly dependent on batteries which currently come with severe limitations: they are non-affordable, environmentally unfriendly and unreliable under harsh climatic conditions & hot temperature. Integrals Power Ltd(IPL)(Administrative and Technical lead) will lead this project(Technology sector:Energy storage) to integrate its advanced non-toxic cathode material(LFP composited with 2D carbon) into battery cells developed by AMTE Power, capable of offering advanced features, including higher specific energy density(190-200Wh/Kg), higher discharge rate(50-60C-rate), higher specific capacity(over 168mAh/g@0.1C), fastest charging rate(50-60C-rate), and implement them into the first reusable, upgradable and recyclable battery module/pack (developed by Aceleron, patented technology) to address energy needs of Mozambique. This technology enables our battery users to charge 55% of its overall capacity in only 2 minutes. In this project a 8KWh,48V battery pack and three 1.8KWh,12V modular battery modules/packs will be developed.

The Output
This solution will increase energy efficiency and electricity accessibility while, reducing the cost of electricity, grid dependency and CO2 emissions. The system is suitable for off-grid solutions that can be deployed through a PAYGO(pay-as-you- go) model capable of addressing the financial barrier to solar energy access by allowing consumers to make a series of modest payments to purchase time units for using solar electricity instead of paying upfront for the entire solar lighting system. This model is best suited for people living with poor economic resources. This approach will allow end-users to fast-charge the batteries from grid(when available) and also off-grid(particularly during blackouts). It will also encourage industrial end-users to adopt this affordable battery pack which offers portability(for less than 5KWh packs) and higher discharge rate(suitable for high power tools), resulting in reducing grid load and improving energy access & availability. .

Inogrant Support
With the full grant writing support Integrals Power application in receiving funding from BEIS competition was successful. Our team is unphased by complex technology areas and caters to the needs of all clients to translate their market leading project into a successful grant application.

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