Company Sector: Energy Catalyst round 8: Industrial Research Clean Energy
Project Duration: 24 months
Funding Secured: ~£1 million

Project Summary
The need for a resilient, agile and reliable energy storage is critical for the growth of the economy and its decarbonisation of infrastructure. Developed and developing countries both have their own challenges to address; while the cost of battery packs are significant for developed countries, reliable energy access is what developing countries require to flourish. Successful deployment of off-grid solutions that don't rely on the national grid(unreliable and limited) is one of the main identified solutions to overcome this problem. Having said that, off-grid solutions are highly dependent on batteries which currently come with severe limitations: they are non-affordable, environmentally unfriendly and unreliable under harsh climatic conditions & hot temperature.

The Output
The outcome of this project will be a 8KWh,48V battery pack and three 1.8KWh,12V modular, upgradable and portable battery modules/packs which will be tailored to Mozambican market needs and its high renewable energy source(specifically irradiance) opportunities. NexGen aims to improve accessibility in remote locations, reduce CO2 emission by 20%, reduce battery pack costs by 30% and reduce cost of ownership by 20% by taking advantage of its reusable and recyclable battery pack design. The aim of this project is to solve the most critical challenges with off-grid energy systems, that prevent them from being largely adopted. This aim has a significant importance as energy poverty is still an unresolved problem, affecting millions of people in Africa.

Inogrant Support
With the full grant writing support Ecosys application in receiving funding from Energy Catalyst Round 8 competition was successful. Our team is unphased by complex technology areas and caters to the needs of all clients to translate their market leading project into a successful grant application.

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